Why has this program been called the only effective Purification program? One word: results. Over 250,000 people have used this program to think clearly and improve their life.

These individuals are now living greatly improved lives as a result of the Purification Program. We invite you to read the following success stories and learn what this program is doing for people just like yourself every day.

  • “Since completing the program, none of the trips or sensations have recurred”

    “The first day on the Purification Program, after taking 100 milligrams of niacin, I thought nothing had happened when I realized I was in the middle of an acid trip. I was stoned, very disoriented. This lasted half an hour, then dissipated. Since completing the program, none of the trips or sensations have recurred.” F.A.
  • “the answer to the ‘fog’ and ‘elsewhereness’ that would sometimes kick in on me”

    “I went through several days of ‘fog’ and ‘tilting and spinning’ that reminded me of the sodium pentothal I’d received for operations. The Purification Program was the answer to the ‘fog’ and ‘elsewhereness’ that would sometimes kick in on me.” E.A.
  • “my perceptions are better”

    “While I was on the program, I would feel totally stoned, like I had just smoked pot. I knew I was running out marijuana, as I’d either be really lethargic or goofy. I ran out cocaine and would get really agitated and start talking a lot. I took LSD one time before and I felt this metallic, nasty taste in my mouth. I’m like, cool, get it out, get it out, I don’t ever want it to come back!

    “Since I’ve finished, my perceptions are better; how I think about things is clearer; my eyesight is sharper and clearer; I’m happier. I’m not agitated. I’m just being me and not feeling like a piece of wood, but feeling like a live person and being extroverted and enjoying life.” K.K.
  • “The Purification Program saved my life!”

    “The Purification Program saved my life! I was totally unaware of the bad effects of drugs and toxins on my physical and mental well-being. I felt that I’d ‘ruined’ my full potential because I’d taken drugs when I was young, that I’d never make up the time I lost and the reserves I’d wasted being addicted to drugs.

    “In addition to all the incredible gains I’ve gotten from the Purification Program, that sense of being limited by past mistakes is totally gone and my perception of my true potential is that it is limitless.” M.E.
  • “After each day I felt brighter, more clear, calmer and more stable...”

    “The Purification Program was exactly what I needed. For a long time I felt like I was walking around in a fog. I felt bad physically and was not sure why. By the second day I realized that it was all the drugs that were in my body for many, many years. After each day I felt brighter, more clear, calmer and more stable as a being. I handled not being able to study (something I had struggled with for years) and suddenly completed my course and read four books in a few days (I hadn’t read a book for enjoyment in ten years). This action absolutely changed me and gave me a new attitude on life.” E.C.
  • “I have no more drugs in my body to hinder me from being me!”

    “I feel so great after doing the Purification Program. Not just physically (though physically I feel amazing), but mentally too. I’m so eager to live! I can’t wait to move on to my next step. I can’t wait to really move on my career! I have no more drugs in my body to hinder me from being me!” J.S.
  • “I was able to think and concentrate”

    “The residual drugs were keeping me ‘stupid’ and because of my difficulties in reading, my concentration was affected to a point where I could not learn. Once I finished the Purification Program, I realized I never had this thing called dyslexia in the first place. I was able to think and concentrate.” D.M.C.
  • “life is bright and I am ready to make the most of it”

    “Before, I was on a slippery slope, the drugs and toxins in my body keeping me from any spiritual or mental gains. The world was a colorless pop-out book that seemed to turn pages on its own volition. Now I see things clearer, I feel more able, life is bright and I am ready to make the most of it.” S.M.
  • “I could have conversations with people and just sit and listen”

    “I was drinking a lot. I had just graduated from college and still was in my party mode. I was sort of confused in my life and having trouble making decisions clearly. I was anxious, angry, hostile and frustrated and going up and down, really moody.

    “As I went through the Purification Program, I started to notice that my mood started to level off and by the end of the program I was very calm. I could have conversations with people and just sit and listen.

    “I ran out drugs that I had done from a lot of incidents. I became this bright person and every single sense was heightened—colors looked more vibrant and I could smell things better. I was more tuned into sounds.

    “I’ve done a lot of amazing things, but by far this was the most amazing thing I’ve ever gone through, because it changed my entire life!” T.F
  • “I looked up and, bang, it was gone.”

    “My biggest win from the Purification Program came when I was running out the effects of an antidepressant. I knew what it was because of the continual feeling of lostness and detachment. Then one night I looked up and, bang, it was gone. I mean really gone!

    “On my drive home I felt like a totally new person. No longer did I have that feeling of having to climb over a wall of despair in order to deal with my problems. I could now deal directly with the world and my situations without any barriers. My life is now incredible and I am totally grateful to this program for it.” T.E.
  • “my life has had a dramatic change for the better”

    “I was not able to fall asleep without a sleeping pill. This made things worse in the morning; so much so, that I started taking ‘speed’ to wake up. I then became addicted and it became a part of my daily routine.

    “From the day I started this program, my life has had a dramatic change for the better. I am able to go to bed at normal hours-something I was not able to do for twenty years!” M.E.
  • “ senses are once again sharp and clear.”

    “As I ran out the accumulated residues of the medications I had been given after my heart attack, I realized even more profoundly how the effects of these drugs had been holding me back. I felt myself gradually shed the drug effects, becoming more and more stable and a sense of well-being and freeness gradually surrounded me. I feel as though some cloud that I wasn’t even quite aware of has lifted and my senses are once again sharp and clear.” J.B.
  • “I feel so alive!”

    “Before the Purification Program I often felt I had no energy to do the things I loved to do. Today I’m full of a vital energy that radiates out from me! My vision has cleared as if a film has been peeled away. Colors are so much clearer and everything looks sharper. My lungs feel stronger than ever. I could smell years of asthma medications coming out of me as I sweated in the sauna. I feel healthier than I have felt in years. I feel free from years of drugs and medicines. I feel so alive! The Purification Program is the best thing I have ever done!” T.M.
  • “I felt lighter—emotionally, physically, spiritually”

    “I grew up in the mid-seventies and did more than my share of experimenting with drugs while in high school. I’ve also had asthma since I was three years old and can’t even begin to count how many bottles of inhalers I’ve gone through. Then I got on antidepressants and I thought that that was going to be my life.

    “I saw a doctor who guided me off these drugs and I got onto the Purification Program. About two weeks into it, I had a chemical smell coming off of me. It was the same kind of chemical smell from the inhalers I have. I felt like I was purging all the accumulation, the mass of drugs and toxins that had been in my system, and I felt lighter-emotionally, physically, spiritually—I felt like somebody had opened me up and I was fresh and clean inside. It is really a phenomenal feeling.” T.M.
  • “I’m very happy to say that I haven’t hit any lows”

    “What antidepressants do is take the peaks and the valleys away. And although I didn’t experience the lows, I wasn’t experiencing the highs either and I really missed that. I have that back and that’s very exciting. And I’m very happy to say that I haven’t hit any lows.” T.M.
  • “I was much relieved”

    “I was in the sauna and suddenly a vile chemical smell was coming out of my body. I had to take several showers and then the smell stopped. The next day after an hour in the sauna it happened again, and again the next couple of days, each time ending sooner. And then it was gone. I recognized this as some heavy chemicals I had worked with almost a year ago and now it was finally leaving my body forever. I was much relieved and no longer feel the dulling effects of those chemicals.” A.S.
  • “All the effects that were caused by the chemical warfare were completely gone.”

    “When I was in the war, I was exposed to chemical warfare. As part of my basic training, we were also exposed to chemical agents. As the gas went off, I experienced a terrible and severe burning in my eyes and nose as I was running for cover. While on the Purification Program, I had the same sensation of the severe burning in my eyes and nose. I felt the effects turning on and then off and they did not come back ever again. All the effects that were caused by the chemical warfare were completely gone. I was clearer, more defined and less foggy in my thinking. My reaction time was much better. I had an overall sense of well-being.” W.M.
  • “I had complete detoxification”

    “I spent four years of the war in a submarine. This was an older version that ran on diesel fuel. I lived in that fuel for those years, and even when I showered I still smelled like diesel fuel. I did the Purification Program later and the results were amazing. I had complete detoxification. When I saw the chemicals come out I was totally shocked that they had stayed in my body all that time. It all just came out from my body—all the oils, fumes—gone.” T.O.
  • “ was a relief to get that out of my body!”

    “I was sitting there, sweating profusely and turned to locate where this strong smell was coming from. I finally realized it was coming from my body and seeping out of my pores! It was a strong smell of turpentine. Needless to say, it was a relief to get that out of my body!” V.R.
  • “I can think much clearer”

    “Since completing the Purification Program, I feel like a different person. I now have much more energy for things that I really want to be doing. I find it much easier to concentrate and can mentally stay longer on a given course. I can also think much clearer and am able to solve problems with ease. Now I am able to see situations clearer, which enables me to find solutions much easier.” E.E.
  • “Now, with all the junk out, I run up the stairs-no problem!”

    “I went from a state of having a body I had to drag around and being very tired ALL the time, to a point where I almost effortlessly run my body and have energy to spare. This is a major change for me. My body, when I first started the Purification Program, was so loaded with toxins, etc., that when I would walk up the stairs to my apartment, I would be tired and huffing and puffing when I got to the top. Now, with all the junk out, I run up the stairs-no problem!” J.G.
  • “I have a fresh take on life, physically and spiritually.”

    “From the first day of taking niacin, I saw the finest sunburn reactions, with bright red knees to spider bites reappearing and then disappearing, to poison coming out from an Australian jellyfish that I encountered in the Pacific Ocean at the age of six. As I moved on, I ran out aspirin that I’d taken to ‘resolve my headaches’ starting when I was seven years old, to more sunburns and radiation to secondhand cigarette smoke—all of which made its way out during the course of the program.

    “I can simply say that I am now cleaned out, purified and am not effect of the negative effects of all the accumulated impurities that I had in my body. I have a fresh take on life, physically and spiritually.” S.F.
  • “I no longer need coffee and sugar to feel energetic”

    I cannot believe it!!! My body is energetic, I am no longer dependent on coffee, sugar or any other stimulant. I had a terrible problem of physical ups and downs before the program and felt dependent on some type of stimulant. Now I am much more calm and relaxed, and my whole outlook on life has changed; it seems almost unbelievable. I am happier than I’ve ever been. This is the first time in seven years I feel like I can (and I want to) really create my future. I feel like a new person. Seven years ago was when I first had a large amount of ‘heavy’ drugs. Actually, I never was a heavy drug user-the heaviest being marijuana, codeine for tonsillitis and Novocain. But after that point, I was never quite the same. The marijuana had a bad effect on me and those things that turned on never left . . . until now. I am calm, relaxed, ready to create and expand a new life. A.S.
  • “No more problems communicating”

    I absolutely loved the Purification program, I had the time of my life on it. After the program, I was a new person, in body, mind and personality. Before the program, the toxins and drugs residing in my body were slowing me down. I'd find my body feeling wooden, and my mind was foggy. I had problems communicating. When I was finished with the program, people told me I looked 10x brighter and I could feel how I was very much aware! My body felt like a stream flushed pure of pollutants. I felt so great that I recommended that everyone do their Purification program! J.S.

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